Frequently Asked Questions

General questions
  • What are the hardware requirements?

    Minimum requirements:
    — Processor - Intel Core i3
    — RAM 4 GB
    — The amount of memory occupied for DAKAR is 300 MB

    Recommended parameters:
    — Processor - Intel Core i7-4770 or more powerful
    — RAM - 8GB or more
    — It is recommended to install DAKAR on SSD disk (for faster opening of schemes)

  • What operating systems are supported?

    Windows operating system, version 7 and later

  • What are the features of the free version?

    The free version has the functionality of the full basic version with some limitations: the maximum size of the circuit is 50 nodes, no IEEE regulators and more

  • For how long is the license valid?

    All licenses have an indefinite validity period, as well as 1 year of technical support

  • What interface languages does DAKAR support?

    Ukrainian and English

Technical issues
  • Can I deal with the program on my own?

    All versions of DAKAR contain a Help file with instructions, where you can get acquainted with the program. We also offer training courses of different levels.  The duration of each course is 8-16 hours

  • Can I use the free version for commercial purposes?

    The free version is intended for acquaintance with the program and can be used for educational purposes by the students of the corresponding specialties. The program cannot be used for commercial purposes

  • How often are versions updated?

    Once every six months, an updated version of DAKAR is published, and we inform our customers about that

  • What data formats does DAKAR support?


  • Does the cost of the license include a training course?

    The training course is not included in the price of the license, but can be purchased separately

  • How can I get technical support?

    The first year is included in the license price, the following years can be purchased as a separate service

  • What does technical support include?

    Version updates, technical issues with DAKAR, consultations, functionality issues and calculations