Connection of wind farms to the network

The situation

  • Tyligulska WPP contacted the DAKAR team when they had a need to connect a 500 MW wind farm to the grid. This required a number of comprehensive studies, including the impact of wind farms on the modes of operation of the electrical network.

To solve this problem, the DAKAR team performed the following actions:

1. Conducted a study of the electrical network of the WPP connection area in order to identify the bottlenecks.

2. Researched information on the specific types of wind turbines that will be installed at the wind farms and prepared models for the stability study.

3. Formed and agreed on the current digital models of the distribution system operator’s electrical networks for the typical operation modes in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents.

4. Carried out the analysis of all repair and emergency modes of the network connection area of the wind farm.

5. Conducted a study of static and dynamic stability of the general purpose network and the impact of Tyligul wind farm on the stability of generators of the South Ukrainian NPP.

6. Analyzed asynchronous modes of the 330-750 kW network of the wind farm connection area.

The result

In 3 months, the DAKAR team carried out a detailed analysis of the WPP connection impact on the Transmission System Operator network, assessed the impact of wind farms on the level of short-circuit currents, and tested the need to install new automation devices. Also, we conducted a detailed analysis of the impact of wind farms on the static and dynamic stability of the power system.

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