Dynamic stability calculation

DAKAR provides calculation of electromechanical transients with the possibility to model synchronous, asynchronous machines, static and dynamic load characteristics (of asynchronous motors), the functioning of any emergency control system device, as well as setup of emergency control system instruments based on a set of cyclic calculations of steady-state and transient processes.

Analysis of transient processes with the estimation of the motion of electric machines within the system, voltage levels, power flows, and relative inter-system bond angles is also possible. Modeling of asynchronous and synchronized machines is realized on the Park-Gorev equations.

Emergency control system modeling is implemented using one of the following methods:
1. universal – for creating logical sequences of conditions of any complexity based on a wide range of simple response conditions.
2. using software – software implementation of certain special types of automation: AUFLS, PSP, and automation of mutual control of turbines.

Required data
models of electrical network elements
  • network model
  • power transmission lines models
  • transformer models
  • load models
synchronous machines models
  • excitation systems models
    • regulators
    • forcing
    • under-excitation limiter
    • over-excitation limiter
    • system stabilizers
  • turbines models
asynchronous machines models
PV, WTG models
emergency control system device models
heat and power equipment models
dynamic stability
  • dynamic stability during regulatory disturbances
  • identifying the causes of emergency modes in the power system
  • verification of excitation systems in the emergency mode
  • checking the operation of emergency automation devices in the emergency mode
  • determination of the time limit for the duration of SC
  • determination of maximum power of generator/region during SC
prolonged transients stability
  • checking the operation of emergency automation devices and heat and power equipment reaction of power plants in the emergency and post-emergency modes
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