Real-time power system management tool for modeling, analysis, planning, and optimization of modern electrical networks


Key benefits

User friendly and intuitive interface

User friendly and clear graphic interface allows you to use DAKAR as effectively as possible in no time.

Fast and accurate calculation

Accurate real-time calculation results based on SCADA system data.

Powerful database

Powerful database includes 2000 types of equipment with the possibility to add, change, and edit objects.

RES impact analysis

Analyze the impact of renewable energy facilities WTG, PV on the operational modes of electrical networks.

DAKAR users
project organizations and educational institutions
regional energy production company
Ukrenergo (National Power Company)

Video review

Анна Зотєєва
Anna Zotieieva
Head of Design and Engineering department 

Chief Project Engineer

During the development of project documentation for the connection of renewable energy sources, we faced the issue of load flow calculation in the power system.
Our company decided to purchase DAKAR because of its user-friendly and intuitive interface, exchange of calculation models with inspection institutions, and the ability to edit data in Excel.
Thanks to the DAKAR program, we have expanded the range of our services and easily solve all issues related to the assessment of the customer’s projected energy facility impact on the Ukraine Power System. In addition, the calculation time is reduced by a factor of 3.

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Increase the operational efficiency of power systems and ensure their stable secure performance with DAKAR
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